We are a sports company specialized in training young national and international footballers, an official member of the Levante UD international training program, with the responsibility of transmitting the values of a league club, such as its methodology and providing academic training to each of our soccer players.
We work to train soccer players, coaches and professional personnel in the soccer sector



Spain is a country with a tradition of soccer at European and world level, admired by many countries for their way of training and understanding soccer, every year players from different countries visit us seeking improvement in their technical and tactical game gestures.
The interest of the players and the great experience, methodology and values of the Global-Levante UD training program make the model an option of interest for footballers.
We train players for life, integral players, with deep human and social values.
The program allows training players in Levante Teams International Team A, International Team B, agreed clubs and in the Levantinista youth team itself, aged between 8 and 18 with the sole objective of growing Player-person-social / human environment.
We make Integral Footballers for society….

International tournaments

We organize different tournaments of international prestige in Valencia, in collaboration with Spanish teams. These tournaments are held at the Levante UD Sports Center.


We have a training program for players, stages and tournaments in the discipline of Futsal.


Programs for individual of player technique improvement.

Coaches Training

Training programs for foreign coaches, where a training experience is taught in theory and practice with Levante UD teams. Come and know the methodology of the club.